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Every woman is basically beautiful. La Tulipe Cosmetiques was created to preserve and enhance that natural beauty.


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a Founded in 1980, La Tulipe Cosmetiques started with a simple idea: cosmetics that provide high-quality products to consumers by emphasizing effectiveness factor and not easy to cause negative side effects, that suit the tropical climate. With that purpose in mind, the late Prof. Dr. Indro Handojo, dr, SpPK (KAI, KPT-I), the medical consultant of La Tulipe Cosmetiques, conducted clinical trials and skin patch tests on the initial products. The results were then published in medical and pharmaceutical journals in 1985. The brand name La Tulipe Cosmetiques is taken from the French language. The world knows France as a hub of fashion and beauty. “Tulipe” itself is the name of a beautiful flower that stands up straight (tight) and does not easily wither (wrinkle). That is what La Tulipe Cosmetiques users should expect.

To become a leader within the cosmetics market in Indonesia, prominent in research and product development, as well as be a precursor of skin care products


To provide high-quality products to consumers by emphasizing effectiveness factor and not easy to cause negative side effects,combined with excellent service to achieve customer satisfaction

Starting in the home industry that produced cleansers, toners, and moisturizer cosmetics, La Tulipe Cosmetiques slowly but surely built its reputation. La Tulipe products were increasingly being used by estheticians and clinicians in the field of cosmetics, including in national and international makeup competitions. La Tulipe Cosmetiques later won the title General Champion at a national competition in 1987 and then the ASEAN Championship during the same year. On September 14, 2001, La Tulipe Cosmetiques obtained a Certificate of CPKB (Good Manufacturing Practice of Cosmetics) from the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency of Indonesia in Jakarta. Since then, La Tulipe Cosmetiques continues to improve its product promotion to almost all of Indonesia, from Medan to Jayapura. La Tulipe Cosmetiques since then progressively won more consumers’ hearts when in 2009 the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) issued a Halal certificate for its products. The La Tulipe Cosmetiques market expanded to Brunei Darussalam in the same year. In the near future, La Tulipe Cosmetiques will export non-oil commodities so it may contribute positively to Indonesia’s foreign exchange reserves.